5 important need-to-know facts about the breed

Let’s face it, to this day, there are 339 dog breeds recognized around the world, without counting all the mixs and bastards. It is therefore very difficult, even impossible, to know every particularly about each dog. That’s why at Bouchard Bulldogs, we do our best to educate the community, thus ensuring happy and healthy life styles. To get you started planning your life with a new member of the family or to simply educate yourself, we put together a list of five important need-to-know facts about english and french bulldogs.


Unfortunately, these dogs are not the best at tolerating extreme temperatures due to their size, fur type and body structure. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can have a severe impact on your animal’s health. In the past, we have witnessed and participated in saving many bulldogs suffering from heat strokes. With the summer season just around the corner, we strongly recommend to keep your animals inside during hot sunny days, promote hydration and maintain body temperatures normal. If you happen to see your animal breathing heavily and their body temperature rising, place your bulldog’s paws in cool water (bath) and spray lemon juice inside their mouth. These methods have helped us sooth our animals and control rapidly the heat stroke.


Many of you know, bulldogs are truly not the best walkers. Due to their massive and heavy structure, compact respiratory airway and short legs, they do not have the ability to walk for miles. If you do so, you many observe fatigue and similar symptoms to the heat stroke. If you wish to add exercise to your daily routine, we strongly suggest to limit the distance or stick to your yard, that is truly all they need. Also, you will see, as your bulldog gets older they will be demanding daily naps and become true couch potatoes. I guess thats partly what does their charm.


Food, food, food. Now i have to say, our frenchies are not as greedy with food, they prefer to wait for the perfect meal or perfect sidekicks, such as fruits, veggies, Royal Canin canned food, meats and cheese. Basically, almost everything we eat! On the other hand, boy do our english bullies love to eat. I honestly think this is their favorite sport. Keep the bags inaccessible and mesure your quantities, because i swear they will eat everything you give them. What should you feed them ? Well there are many different views and studies on what a bully should eat. Our suggestion: Feed them what suits your lifestyle and your dogs satisfaction and digestion. Have more time for prepping and what to try raw food? Go for it! Busy with time restreint, go for kibbles grain free. Always keep in mind that they do need all nutrient, so always complete for meals with fruits/veggies, milk products (yoghurt, eggs) and high protein foods (meats they absolutely LOVE). Having this said, here is our go-to: Grain free Nature‘s Domain from Costco (low cost and our dogs digest it very well), Fromm Gold (also grain-free) and Royal Canin Puppy for our litters.


Yes you read this right, bullies are very stubborn. Tell them no? They will pout and test you again. When it comes to bullies, consistency is key. When you bring a bully into your life, know your rules and apply them from the start (reasonably), because once you say yes, they will remember it forever. Our moto has always been: Bullies are not dogs, they‘re more like a three-year old children. You know that period right after the terrible twos when they get all curious and adorable but also very stubborn? Well yes, thats it. All i have to say, embrace it. This is truly one of the reasons we love and admire them so much.

5: T-L-C

Tender-Loving-Care. For those of you who live or have lived with a bulldog in the past, you know that all they want (besides eating of course) is to be cared for and loved to the best of our abilities. Such an independent breed, yet so attached to their owners. A simple pat on the head, a few hugs and kisses and you have their heart. And i promis you, seeing the admiration in their eyes, they will certainly have yours in return.

Love always,