How it all began

After a long wait, here’s the moment we bring the walls down, show our true colors, speak our minds, and spread love.

In order do so the right way, we thought it would only be fit to explain to you all how we got into the breeding business. We’ll make it short, we’ll make it sweet, and we’ll surely make it worth your while.

In all honesty, it all started with two simple teenagers, chasing their dreams in the states. Hockey has always been such a passion for them, so they left home, on their own, doing everything they could to play the game so many Canadians love. During their pursuit and several greetings, they found themselves meeting many english bulldogs and truly falling in love with the breed. Their calm and goofy personalities just completely stole their hearts away. Many demands were mentionned to their parents, followed by research and questioning. We finally decided to purchase our first girl from a small home town breeding, our beautiful Mary. At that moment, we knew we were in trouble.

She was so damn perfect. There truly is no other word to describe our first experience. We then contacted the breeder again, and completed our duo with our good old veteran Mr. Jimmy, a beautiful black tri. Due to passion, love and the desire for a new challenge, we decided to complete a first breeding with the help of our friends and family. Boy let me tell you, those precious little souls stole our hearts away. So tiny and perfect.

Here we are, roughly 10 years later, producing high quality pups and living the life we had never planned but truly love and enjoy.

Live every moment to the fullest. You may not understand it at that exact moment, but i promis you, there is a reason and, will most probably, be worth your time. Lets just say it was to us.

Have faith, love always,

The Bouchard Bulldog family,


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