Our frenchie débute

For many years now the Bouchard Bulldog’s family has specialized in high quality english bulldogs, offering to this day mini, exotic and standard bullies. After nearly 10 years of hard work and constant improvement, we decided it was time for a new challenge. We therefore decided to invest in high quality french bulldogs produced by two very professional breeders : The bulldog connection and West coast rare french bulldogs - Home of the lilac. We feel extremely blessed to have the bloodlines that are responsible for creating the one and only Romeo Santos and the beautiful Lavender. Linda and Jonathan, we promis to take great care of them in Canada.

On June 2nd 2019 we were blessed with our first frenchie litter, composed of 3 females and 2 males. There is simply one word to describe these pups: Perfection. Honestly, the first couple hours we found to be very similar to english bulldog new borns: similar sizes and physical appearances. However, when the second feeding came around, we rapidly saw the difference. These pups were just so intelligent and vivid, hanging onto their maman’s breasts so quickly. Blue Ivy is also an absolute champion. She did have a slow wake due to anesthesia, but once she got home, she practiced motherhood like she had done it all her life (and this was her first litter). It amazes us how maternal she is.

On this day, we are exactly two weeks in. If this experience remains positive, which we expect it to be, we definitely will have more frenchie litters in the future. We therefore recommend to all our clients to reserve your frenchie’s in advance. The demands are off the charts, and unfortunately we can’t bless you all with these angels.

Stay tuned, love always.


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