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Raw Goat Milk - 64 oz

Raw Goat Milk - 64 oz


Sourced from humanely raised goats, Goat Milk is considered to be the “universal milk” because it can be digested easily by any species. Add a boost of hydration (plus probiotics!) from organic ginger and cinnamon to support the digestion of your dog or cat.


Goats raised without antibiotics or addded hormones. Gluten free


Contains: Raw goat milk, organic tumeric, organic ginger, organic cinnamon


Recommended daily serving: 

< 20 lbs - 2 oz

20 - 40 lbs - 4 oz

40 - 60 lbs - 6 oz

60 - 80 lbs - 8 oz 

> 80 lbs - 10 oz