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Vivo Flora

Vivo Flora


Weaning and adult product for professional use

50 g net weight | Powdered formula



At birth, it is crucially important to establish beneficial intestinal flora as soon as possible to restrict the presence of pathogenic bacteria and any aggression against beneficial bacteria. Probiotics will restore the bacteria count as quickly as possible while establishing intestinal balance and health.



  • Helps to stimulate an healthy immune system
  • Positive effects on digestion and nutrient absorbtion
  • Helps to maximize the results of food ingestion
  • Helps synthesis of vitamines essential for metabolism
  • Helps to rebalance the intestinal flora when difficult period of stress occurs
  • Helps to fast rebalancing of intestinal flora during stress periods
  • Helps reduce stress effects of puppies and adults dogs
  • Helps control stress during environmental change
  • Help before and after vaccination to maximize its benefits
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